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Bournemouth Primary MAT Academies join Reach South Academy Trust
Malmesbury Park Primary and the Hill View Primary Academy are the first primaries in Bournemouth to join Reach South.

Dean Ashton, Chief Executive of Reach South said:
“We are absolutely delighted to be announcing our first two schools in Bournemouth. We’ve been working closely with the Bournemouth Primary MAT for some time now, and are thrilled that they have decided that Reach South is the right home for their two primary schools going forward.

“At Reach South, we have a strong belief in “aspiration beyond expectation” and we look forward to welcoming Malmesbury Park and Hill View Primary into the Reach South family. Together, we will deliver an exceptional education in each of these academies, helping every child to fly as high as their talents take them.”

Jacqueline Hardy, Chair of BMAT said:
“Whilst I am sorry BPMAT will no longer exist the Board are delighted the two schools in our care are joining such a prestigious Trust. The expertise within Reach South will enable the pupils and staff in the two schools to grow and provide excellent opportunities to those who take up the challenge. Dean Ashton kept BPMAT Board fully informed at every stage of the transition and proved that the pupils and staff were of core importance.”

Jackie Green, Headteacher of Malmesbury Park Primary, said:
“Reach South is a successful multi-academy trust, which is heavily values-based and ensure the continued success of Malmesbury Park both immediately and in the long term. As a school we wanted to be certain that any larger multi academy trust we joined would put the children and staff at the centre of all they do, and we have seen this very clearly in Reach South schools. This is an exciting step for the school and one which will continue to see Malmesbury Park go from strength to strength.”

Amanda Jones, Headteacher of Hill View Primary said:
“Hill View Primary is delighted to be joining Reach South and to be one of the first schools in the Bournemouth hub. The trust‘s core values complement our school ethos values - aspire, success, community, excellence, nurture and trust - and their core principles are very much aligned with our school learning values. Dean Ashton’s wealth of educational experience and knowledge, along with his team and with the support of the successful sister trust REAch2, will ensure that our children and community now and in the future, continue to receive a high-quality education at Hill View.”
The Springfields Academy Joins Reach South

On November 1st 2017 The Springfields Academy became the first special school to join the REACH family. As well as our first special academy Springfields is also our first secondary provision.

Springfields is situated in Calne, Wiltshire. The academy currently has 127 pupils on roll and offers day and residential provision for pupils with social and emotional difficulties and/or high function autistic spectrum disorders. Reach South and Springfields worked together for more than 12 months prior to them joining the Trust. We are delighted that they are now formally within the Reach South family.

Reach South CEO, Dean Ashton, said: "The Springfields Academy joining the Trust is a significant step in the development of Reach South. It anchors our identity as a Trust for primary, secondary and special education; as a Trust for the South West region; and a Trust that is committed to inclusivity."
Reach South Peninsular Headteacher Board February 2017
Reach South Academy Trust's first regional hub, the 'Peninsular Region' is centred on Plymouth. The Headteacher Board consists of academy leaders within the region and school leaders who are working towards or considering joining the Trust. The Peninsular Headteacher Board met at Goosewell Primary Academy on the 24th February 2017.

In attendance at the meeting was: Dean Ashton (CEO), Sarah Findlay-Cobb (Interim Regional Director), Angela Gizzi (Head of HR), Louise Scott (Head of High Street Primary Academy), John Stephens (Head of Goosewell Primary Academy), Rachel Summers (Head of Marlborough Primary Academy), Lee Rounce (Head of Morice Town Primary Academy), Lisa Meek (Head of Pilgrim Primary School which is set to join the Trust on April 1st), Joe Roberts (Head of Drake Primary School which is set to join the Trust on April 1st), Mitch Frame (Head of Stuart Road Primary School - considering joining the Trust) and Richard Marsh (Head of Stoke Damerel Primary School - considering joining the Trust).

The purpose of the Board is: to coordinate the management of the academies across the Trust; and to contribute to the development of our academy leadership team. On this occasion two significant developments were considered:

1. Liz Easaw, from Teach First, introduced the new two-year initial teacher education programme. This programme is delivered in partnership with Bath Spa University. The purpose of the programme is to recruit the highest caliber of graduate teacher trainees for our schools. The Trust confirmed its commitment to working with Teach First to bring the benefits of the programme to the South West.

2. Gary Bennell, Head of Coaching and CPD at REAch2 Academy Trust, led a development session on how coaching can be used to support teacher development in our schools. Gary described the programmes already being used by REAch2 academies to support and develop teachers' practice in order to deliver higher learning outcomes for all pupils. This session builds on the programme that is being delivered by Professor John West-Burnham on the development of Headteachers as the leaders of professional development in their schools. Professor West-Burnham is providing this training in Plymouth exclusively for Reach South Heads.

These developments are part of our wider approach to whole school development.

Reach South meets with RSC and NSC Team
On Wednesday 22nd February, Dean Ashton (CEO) and Mike Peters (Director of Operations) met with senior representatives of the National Schools Commissioner (NSC) and South West Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) in Bristol. The meeting focused on: developments and progress in the academies that are already in the Trust; as well as the capacity and readiness for the Trust to support more academies.

Dean Ashton said that the NSC and RSC officials had been challenging, as he would expect them to be, about the Trust providing evidence of positive impact on the schools that have already joined the Reach South family and we were able to do that. The meeting was also constructive and supportive. The Trust had reaffirmed its commitment to developing its regional hub centred on Plymouth and establishing a second regional hub centred on Swindon and Wiltshire.
Drake Primary celebrates end of term with opening of new library ++Author Simon James ran pupil workshops as part of the formal opening++
Brand new Academy Trust to serve to South West: REACH family announces Reach South
The REACH family today announced a brand new academy trust, Reach South. As a sister trust to REAch2, Reach South will serve the South West of England, taking on responsibility for both primary and secondary schools in the area from September.

Dean Ashton, a former Senior Education Leader and Director of Children Services in the region, has been appointed as the Designate Chief Executive. Dean was a member of the founding team behind the REACH family, and has been Executive Director of Business and Policy since its inception in 2013.

Reach South anticipates taking on responsibility for around 15 schools in the first year of operation, with similar numbers of schools joining the family in subsequent years. Active discussions are already under way with schools in the area keen to join the Trust.
Dean Ashton, Designate CEO said:

“As someone who has worked, and still lives, in the South West, it is a real privilege to be leading a brand new academy trust. Whilst Reach South will benefit from the wider support of the REACH family, this will be an academy trust of the South West, for the South West. Everything we do will focus on our central belief in ‘Aspiration Beyond Expectation, and I look forward to working closely with schools right across the region.”

Sir Steve Lancashire, founder of the REACH family said:

“We know that REACH has a proven model that works, and as educationalists, it is our duty to reach more young people. I am delighted to be announcing that we have a new sister trust in Reach South. This is a direct response to the need for more capacity within the education sector to oversee new academies.

“With his deep knowledge and understanding of the area – both professionally and personally – Dean Ashton is perfectly placed to develop and lead the new Trust in the South West.”

REAch2 and Reach South operate as three separate MATs with their own Board of Trustees and leadership teams. However, all three Trusts will work together as a single family.