Gender Pay Gap Reporting 

All companies with 250 or more employees are now required to publish their gender pay gap under new legislation that came into force 

April 2017

Employers have to publish the gap in pay between men and women on both a median basis (pay per hour based on the person ‘in the middle’ of the distribution of pay) and a mean basis (average hourly salary).


In addition, employers are required to disclose the distribution of gender by pay quartile – in other words splitting the workforce into four groups based on their pay, and showing the proportion of men and women in each group. Employers are also required to disclose percentages of staff receiving bonuses by gender and the gender gap on bonuses.


Reach South Academy Trust welcomes and supports gender pay gap reporting, albeit not immune to broader societal issues affecting women in the workforce.


The reports below provide both the statutory disclosures required, as well as further context around gender pay at the Trust on an annual basis.