Mental Health Champions







Whilst we are all, naturally, focussing on the coronavirus (Covid-19) as a physical health issue right now, there is a very clear mental health challenge linked to what we are experiencing as well.


The Trust recognises that many of you may feel anxious in response to the current circumstances around returning to work. Various networks exist within the Reach South Academy Trust to provide support and information to you whenever you might

need it.


The Mental Health Wellbeing Champions can provide you with support in recognising the signs and symptoms of mental

distress and will be able to have a supportive conversation with you. They are not able to diagnose or provide counselling,

but they can provide an important link between yourself and colleagues and can offer you practical support and guidance. 


1 in 4 of us will experience mental ill-health in any 12-month period, ranging from mild anxiety, to severe depression.


Mental ill-health is now one of the main causes of sickness absence amongst the education sector and yet mental ill-health is rarely talked about openly. An individual is more likely to tell their manager that they are off work due to a cold or a headache

than due to suffering with anxiety or stress. If you are struggling or feeling anxious or worried about coronavirus


(Covid-19) and the return to the school environment, please approach a Mental Health Wellbeing Champion and they will be happy to help you in the strictest confidence. 


Contact details for the Trusts Mental Health Champions:

Beccy Warner

HR Business Partner



Tracey Savage (Starts 4 October 2021)

HR Business Partner


Debbie Whitaker

HR Advisor



Executive Directors, Deputy Directors and Headteachers only:

Olivia Frings

Director of Human Resources



Your Mental Health Champion will support you by providing a safe and confidential space and will provide a listening ear. 

Your Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion will work with the Mind Wellness Action Plan approach when supporting

individuals in the workplace.


Your Mental Health Wellbeing Champion will signpost you to most the appropriate support you may need at this time

and sometimes just having someone to listen can be enough during these difficult and challenging times. 

If you have any ideas of how the Trust can better support staff wellbeing and mental health please email the Trust’s Health and Wellbeing Lead with your suggestions at

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