Reach South Academy Trust Members

The Members of Reach South Academy Trust may be considered as the guardians of the constitution. A summary of their roles and who they are is set out in the document The Members.

The Underpinning Governance Principles

Reach South Academy Trust was found in 2016 as a Multi Academy Trust through a Memorandum of Association. Our governance constitution is set out in our Articles of Association. In order to operate as a Multi Academy Trust, Reach South has entered into a Master Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State.

The Governance Charter

Reach South Academy Trust has set out the basis for its approach to governance and the governance scheme of delegation in its Governance Charter.

Governance Scheme of Delegation

The Reach South Academy Trust Governance Scheme of Delegation is set out in the following documents:

Trust Board Terms of Reference
Education Performance and Standards Sub Committee
Finance Sub Committee
Human Resources Sub Committee
Risk and Audit Sub Committee
Executive Delegation
Regional Board Terms of Reference
Local Governing Body Terms of Reference

The Role of the Local Governing Body
Transition Board Terms of Reference
Intervention Board Terms of Reference

Governance Handbook

The relationship between the different tiers of governance is set out in a Role and Functions Matrix, Governance Communications chart and a Governance Document Overview.


Towards Race Equality


Vision and Statement of Intent,5 October 2020

Gender Pay Reporting

Reach South Academy Trust Gender Pay Report 31 March 2021

Reach South Academy Trust Gender Pay Report 31 March 2020

Reach South Academy Trust Gender Pay Report 31 March 2018

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Reach South Academy Trust Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here.

Register of Business Interests

The Reach South Academy Trust Register of Business Interests can be found here.