Aspiration beyond expectation

Reach South was established in 2016 to provide primary, secondary and special education in the South West of England.  Our academies are part of the wider REACH family that includes REAch2 Academy Trust that operates in the Midlands and South East of England.   The two Trusts are independent of each other but share a common set of values: REACH – Raising the Educational Achievement of Children.


Our vision is to enable individual academies to flourish whilst also ensuring a strong ethos of support and collaboration across our schools.  No child’s aspirations should be limited by the expectations of others.


Reach South Academy Trust exists to provide schools that serve their local community, offering parents and guardians access to the highest quality of local schools for their children.

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  • Encouraging professional freedoms within consistent boundaries

  • Championing young people rather than institutions


  • Collaborating rather than competing where it delivers positive impacts on learning


  • Acting with the highest levels of integrity and engendering trust


  • Continually developing the skills and capacities of our people and our organisation


Curriculum Principles


  • Delivering high standards of education for all pupils


  • Providing a broad, rich and experiential curriculum to develop rounded young people


  • Providing pathways that are relevant to the needs of our young people and the wider community


  • Basing our approach on verifiable research evidence where it exists


  • Teaching young people how to be effective learners

  • Inclusivity


  • Promoting social mobility


  • Serving our local communities

  • Believing in the potential of our young people

  • Preparing tomorrow's adults to contribute to social, economic, environmental and cultural sustainable development