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About Us


Who are the members?

The Members of the Multi Academy Trust are the equivalent of the shareholders in a commercial company (save that they do not receive dividends). In simple terms the Members "own" the Academy Trust. They have a number of statutory rights and responsibilities that are set out in the Academy Trust's Articles of Association.

Role of the members

The Members may be considered as the guardians of the constitution. They will meet at least once a year though may meet more often if necessary.

The reserved powers of the Members are:

  • To review and amend the Articles of Association which are the constitution of the Academy Trust specifying the composition of the membership and how it conducts business;
  • To change the name of the Academy Trust;
  • To appoint and remove of the majority of Trustees;
  • To receives an annual report from the Trustees and the CEO on the Academy Trust's performance;
  • To appoint the external auditors; and
  • To approve any service contracts between the Trust and any of its Trustees.
  • Anne Stevens

  • John Ellison

  • Sir Steve Lancashire

Contact Us

Reach South Academy Trust, c/o UTC Plymouth, Park Avenue, Devonport, Plymouth, PL1 4RL

T: 01752 987060